Irrigation Services

Our crews have experience in every kind of irrigation installation from Golf Courses to single family homes. Mid-South Irrigation has the experience and knowledge to install the newest technologies in the industry to keep your landscape watered while keeping your water bill as low as possible.

Why do I need to re-think my irrigation?

The American Water Works Association has released a report that says Americans should expect their water bill to double or even triple over the coming years. Winston-Salem city water rates will increase by 4.5% starting October 1, 2014. This is after a 7% increase last year.

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U.S. Water Bills to Triple Water Sewer and Waste Disposal Fees to Increase

What is Smart Irrigation and How does it help?

Automatic irrigation controllers can waste water if programmed incorrectly or left to operate regardless of the current weather conditions. “Smart” controllers are available that automatically adjust programming based on weather or site conditions. Whether your irrigation system is controlled by a Smart or standard controller, you still need to program it correctly so it can satisfy the landscape’s water requirement and not waste water.

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“Intelligent Use of Water”

How do I Become “Smart”?

Simply update your existing system or incorporate the new irrigation technologies to save water and money. There are 4 main ways you can become SMART:

1) Replace your existing controller with a SMART controller.

Smart controllers gather weather data on site, continuously self-adjusts to calculate the ideal program for your landscape. This takes the guesswork out of irrigation scheduling, by using your own state-of-the-art weather sensor or moisture sensor in the ground to track your local microclimate and automatically calculate a scientific irrigation program.

2) Replace existing nozzles with High Efficiency Nozzles.

Research has proven that replacing conventional nozzles with high efficiency nozzles can reduce your water bill by 30%.

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3) Replace existing heads with pressure regulated heads.

Stop wasted water from broken sprinklers with new spray-heads with built in pressure regulation and flow shut off valves that close if the nozzle is broken.

4) Rainwater Harvesting

This is the accumulating and storing of rainwater from sources such as roof drains. Studies show that 1″ of rainfall on an average roof can provide more than 500 gallons of usable water.